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Super Nova Tuning are developers of ECU Remapping software, however Super Nova Tuning specialise in high-end, high performance vehicles including Bentley, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Maserati and Ferrari. All remapping software is developed in house by super nova tuning to the specification of the client making ever remap and engine management software application 100 percent unique. With data acquisition and testing using GPS and a four wheel drive rolling road situated in Norwich Norfolk we can not only create perfect engine management software but prove our ability and skill, along with this Super Nova Tuning are backed and insured to the sum of 10 million pounds giving our clients total peace of mind when looking for and ECU remap. Further to this Super Nova Tuning can provide superior support for DPF, EGR, Launch control aswell as motorsport applications.

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Bespoke Car Tuning and ECU Remapping 99.9 percent of modern vehicles you will find an Engine Control Unit, known abbreviated to ECU. This is the brain of any new vehicle that regulates and tells the engine how to perform. Due to EU law and regulations within the Automotive world, brands ensure the software meet the lowest requirement before the vehicle is ready for sale in any market and particular dealership. ECU remapping consists modifying the original manufactures software stored in the vehicles ECU to perform a number of different outcomes such as dramatically increase performance or improve economy each outcome can be tailored to the client and particular vehicle regardless of hardware modifications.

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Super Nova Tuning Bespoke Remapping Software, At SNT we create software on a "one off" basis for a truly custom remap service.
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Rolling Road

Rolling Road setup we offer a full rolling road tuning service in Norwich. From a simple stage 1 Remap to a full track setup we have the power to make power.

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Super Nova provide a mobile remapping service for Stage 1,2 and 3 spec software. We are able to cover most of the UK with our mobile remapping service.


With a market leading £10M warranty cover you are in safe hands. Super Nova have one of the largest warranty covers in the uk.

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ECU Remapping by Super Nova Tuning

SNT are a UK based developer of remaps and remapping software our mission is to enhance prestige marques such as Mercedes,Porsche and Bentley. Super Nova are specialist in software for vehicles using the EDC17 platform of ECU multiple brands use this platform including the above. With endorsements and approval from manufactures we are at the forefront of remapping developments coupled with our £10M insurance policy. Client satisfaction drives our team, With expertise in motorsport and software super nova tuning have proved remapping ability's by creating a numerous record braking achievement's in the remapping industry. With in house development of peromance economy and extras such as launch control, DPF, EGR and custom limiters we exceed our clients expectations. Our main HQ and workshop and development centre based in between Thetford and Norwich Norfolk however we do options for clients further a field wanting SNT upgrades or we may have a supplier or an authorised dealer that is able to complete the remapping upgrade. Trade services are provided in Suffolk Essex and Norfolk SNT have a number of clients visiting from around Europe. Unlike many other tuners we have the ability to modify, test and develop software for a wide range of hardware and manufactures. Testing remaps and engine performance is not essential every time however when its is required SNT have two key forms one of is rolling road and the second is GPS both ensure accuracy and deliver improvement figures.

SNT aim to exceed standards with in the remapping industry from warranty to power output we have it covered. SNT are software developers and all works are carried out to set guidelines in house. to ensure we are up to scratch with training and equipment every quarter we review our techniques and procedures to ensure the our software is of the highest standard.

From collection and delivery of vehicles to a £10M warranty, the Super Nova service is not to be messed with. Remapping and engine tuning is our passion we have no hesitation is going the extra mile. Our statistics prove that over 85 % of customers return to remap there next vehicle.

Super Nova Tuning are specialists in ECU Remapping in particular Bespoke Remapping. Super Nova are remap developers and create, design and test remaps in house at our norfolk based main development site. With the use of remapping tools and equipment we are able to ensure precise and accurate performance and economy gains. ECU remapping is often overlooked to improve performance and economy however since around 2006 its has become the upgrade of choice with engine management systems. With stock OEM ECU's and remapping software vehicles are limited, this it because vehicles are made to the lowest factor for instance take fuel grades here in the UK we are able to take advantage of good quality fuel whereas in other locations are the world many are not so lucky our poorest quality fuel is 92OCT whereas the USA and UAE are as low as 81OCT now from a performance and economy perspective this is not good. All engine must perform to the lowest grade (limited) most manufactures to not specifically change software to match the country unless for emissions purposes. ECU remapping will 100% improve the drive ability of any vehicle, the performance and economy gains depend on many factors such as petrol or diesel both can produce fantastic gains from ecu remapping however it will depend on what application you have.

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ECU Remapping and Bespoke remapping by super nova tuning LTD. So what's the difference between bespoke / custom remapping and generic remaps ? A generic remap is developed or created to a driver and engine giving modest increases in engine power and engine torque. This will improve the drivability or both petrol and diesel engines however if you looking for a remap that suits your needs, requirements or driving habits then custom remapping is the way to achieve this. Not only will a bespoke remap give you potentially more power in term of brake horse power and torque but I can completely transform the power delivery, in turn the power delivery will change the drive of the vehicle. Custom remapping will enable you "then driver" to pick and choose the delivery of the power for example you may want an aggressive power delivery this can be made a reality with bespoke remapping. Upgrades to hardware such as a larger turbo, intercooler, exhaust, de cat or a DPF removal. Super Nova Tuning are able to produce software to ensure the best is made from modifications you may have made. Remapping is a must if you have upgraded parts and hardware on your vehicle for instance take an intercooler upgrade, Common rules with upgrading intercoolers are increased boost pressure as the majority or the time you will have a larger pressure drop with an intercooler upgrade. Also you may be able to increase the boost limiter as you will have reduced inlet air temperatures so the engine can safely cope with increased pressure. This is not always the case however it is common practice. Bespoke DPF Removal, Diesel Particle filters are very restrictive to performance and do cause drivers running issues in most cases vehicles the are not remapped. Removing the DPF filter will give and instant increase in power due to removing a larger restriction. Once a remap have been created to take this into account you will further benefit due to increased boost pressure and potentially rail pressure that will reduce visibly smoke ensure a smoother yet progressive power curve. The DPF filter should not be removed prior to remapping the remap is made to turn off DPF filter functions without a remap you will experience limp home mode due to incorrect pressure readings within the PF filter chamber.

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