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Bespoke ECU Remapping

Super Nova Tunings core activity is to develop bespoke engine management software for every client and every application. As we all know every person and vehicle performs differently. With a fully bespoke written application you the customer are in control of what, where and when. Most remapping companys make one file for evrey vehicle this is then used and written to vehicle with the same ECU this will not take into account NOT what you want niether does this account for the real time performance of the vehicle (how its truley running at the upgrade time). Not to say Generic remapping is bad as in most cases you will see improvements in terms of performance and economy, however until you have experienced a custom remap you will never experience its true value.

Our Bespoke software is exactly what it says it is. We can code and develop just about anything that is currently available on the market.

From launch control to speed limiters and overrun our bespoke development can make it happen.

Bespoke remapping will create both more power and give you a better "feeling" when driving. Power can be delivered in many different ways from smooth to aggressive delivery or we can even base the map on the throttle peddle so the car will only use the bespoke map after xx percentage of throttle input.

If you have modifications even in the mildest form you will benefit from Bespoke written software. Bespoke software will make the most of your current upgrades and in most cases making the engine far more efficient in terms this equals more power.

The custom remapping process is very simple below are the basic key areas of interest.

ECU Read and Backup

Data Export to EDITING Suite

Custom Software Written

Test and LOG data

Export and modify if necessary

In most cases this process will take upto 3 hours.

Bespoke remapping costs are often thought of as expensive our pricing structure is based on what you require. Average costs of a bespoke remap are only £450 INC VAT

You must get in touch for a personalised quote based on your requirements each quote is based on the individual vehicle and your requirements.