Exceeding Standards

£10M Policy

Complete peace of mind


Super Nova Tuning have customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business including our aftercare products as standard. Coverage includes remaps, EGR disable software, DPF removal software and just about all software that is either developed or supplied by Super Nova Tuning. Our product and workmanship insurance policy is designed to protect our clients and ourselves giving complete peace of mind when choosing your remap or remapping development company to work on your vehicle/ECU. Our policy allows both parties to be fully protected and covered in the unlikely event that something untoward happen whilst in our care.

Our Vehicle/Remapping coverage will protect up to £5M and our public liability has a further £5M coverage in to total our insurance policy protects our clients up to £10M in GBP.

Due to super nova having such extensive insurance coverage we are able to work alongside many main dealers such as PORSCHE, MERCEDES, VW, AUDI, BMW, PEUGEOT and FORD.  This results in Super Nova Tuning being one of the leading choices for ECU remapping with wide spread respect for our ECU Remapping from the motor industry and our clients.

Key items covered by our policy ?

  • – Software (remap)
  • – The Remapping Process
  • – Vehicle parts for damage the is a direct result of our software

We are confident you will not find a policy that exceeds our standard of cover. Our policy is subject to terms and conditions that include abuse, compatition and racing however it is not limited to these exclusions.

Should you wish to see a copy of our policy please feel free to get in touch we will be more than happy to provide you with the relevant documentation.