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DPF Removal

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Specialist DPF Removal

 DPF Removal 

Super Nova Tuning Ltd are specialist in DPF removal with a number of leading achivements .SNT provide a range of DPF solutions, including  software removal via means of a remap. Combined within our service we offer collection and delivery service to make sure you have as little disruption to your day as possible as most vehicles are required for around 4-5 hours to complete the work to the highest standards.  Super Nova Tuning include base remap of when having your DPF removed to maximise you cars effciency and power and reduce smoke output by means of smoke correction. nine times out of ten super nova will produce less co2 without the DPF filter in place this is due to the rail pressure being increased providing better atomisation of fuel ultimately burning more efficiently. DPF Problems have become more and common this is usually due to driving style, IE stop start driving, this type of driving prevents the DPF filter from regenerating and allowing it to clean itself the DPF filter requires good thermal conditions to work properly and keep itself clean. Most vehicle owners cannot conform to these conditions in everyday driving and it is not practical to just drive to these conditions. DPF removal will 100 percent remove the DPF filter and all DPF functions such as DPF regeneration. Smoke correction for DPF Removal, super nova do provide full some correction for vehicles that have had DPF removal.










dpf removal

DPF Faults

DPF Removal or DPF solutions by super nova tuning will 100 percent removal common DPF faults and issues such as P2002 fault code. SNT are able to just about any DPF filter related error you may have. Super Nova can also diagnose DPF Faults.
dpf removal by super nova

DPF Removal

DPF Removal by SNT, Removing the physical filter and the software will provide added power and reduced fuel consumption. Super nova are able to removal the DPF software and the physical DPF filter at our fully equipped workshop.
dpf removal

DPF Modification

DPF removal is not for everyone, However Super nova tuning are able to provide software and hardware modifications for those not requiring a DPF removal service.

SNT DPF solutions Super Nova Tuning offer all solutions for DPF removal, DPF replacement or DPF cleaning. Super Nova carry out the processes in house by our trained technicians. Super nova Tuning always run full diagnostics on your vehicle before any work is carried out to ensure there are no other underlying faults that could have caused the DPF to fail. Common faults such as DPF pressure sensors and DPF temprture sensors. Why do we have DPF Filters 2009 the introduction of Euro 5 emission standards were brought into force and all cars were fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) with the aim to reduce 80% of diesel particulates (soot). Many vehicles registered before 2009 will also have a DPF installed too in antisipation of the new standard. How do DPF filters Work ? The Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)is designed to collect ash particles in the exhaust, these need to be emptied regularly to maintain performance and reliability. For a DPF to be able to maintian itself ‘regeneration’ cycle needs to be activated. Types of DPF regeneration > Passive > Active DPF Removal By Super Nova Tuning SNT offer a DPF removal solution for most makes of vehicle. This process does vary between vehicles and depends on the communication method.