ecu cloning


After extensive research and painstaking development, Super Nova Tuning are able to clone just about all bosch ECU’s amongst other brands. Due to an increase in demand for clients seeking two ECU’s we had to find a safe and effective method of cloning ECU’s.

Super Nova Tuning can safely clone data from one ECU to another making a direct clone. If your ECU is damaged this maybe harder but in most cases this is still possible. In particular the EDC17 and MED17 range of ECU’s can be directly cloned within 2 hours we see clients ECU’s sent to us from around the world for our specialists cloning service.

ECU cloning for other brands of ECU such as Delphi and Siemans are possible but require different methods. For more information on ECU cloning or to discuss you particular application please feel free to get in touch. Contact us