egr delete

EGR Delete

EGR Delete

Super Nova Tuning can disable and viably remove the EGR valve and all of its functions regardless of intermittant or perminant fault codes.EGR disable will improve and enhance throttle reaction and responce. EGR Removal,Numerous vehicle owners are looking to solve the EGR TROUBLES THAT ARE OFTEN FREQUENT. EGR valves have a very short life span and will fail at some point in the vehicles life to the the conditions it has to cope wth. With an average expense of £300 and future life of just a couple of years many drivers are becoming aware that thi is the case and simply want to remove the egr or block the egr inlet pipework to stop the gas entering the engine. This egr delete process that is mentioned may cause the EML light to react because of persistant wrong values or the ecu “realizing” what you have done. Super Nova can alter this issue by upgrading the ECU oftware inside the Remap/Software to guarantee you NEVER have any more EGR Issues.

egr disable

The Problems:

-Explosion or deternation (cylinder chamber)

-Poor running because of blockage or glitch

-Absence of engine performance

-Unreasonable temperature Egt’s

-ECU Fault light on dash

-P0401 fault code may be present



EGR Disable and EGR Removal is an extremely regular issue in more recent vehicles when obstructed the EGR will have running issues and limp home mode with a p0401 or manufacture specific code stored in the ecu diagnostic data.

EGR Removal/ Deactivation starts from £50:00 when carried out alongside a remap. Nonetheless we can disable the EGR Valve without remapping from £90:00 Inc VAT price will depend on ECU type and software. SNT Normally Provide EGR Removal at our workshop however EGR delete via software is possible as remote or mobile service. Our remote service will normally be next day the ECU data cable be sent out for next day delivery (UK).