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GearBox (DSG)

Just about all automatic gearboes can benifit from a remap improving both driving experience and reaction times. All automatic gearboxes are controlled by an ECU. Most modern vehicles have the ability to have the gearbox software changed (Gearbox remap) including VAG DSG, BMW DCT, Mercedes xG range and Jaguar landrover vehicles.


Increased Torque Allowed

The main area of DSG tranmission and torque control uses clutch pressure the stock pressure ONLY allows for a limited anount of torque, this mean there is a limited amount of power with only an engine remap. By taking control of clutch pressures in the DSG software we can allow for the power then engine is able to produce.For instance the VW GOLF GTI ,figures from 350 Nm up to 550 Nm while still ensuring the stability and capability of all the mechanical moving parts within the DSG gearbox. When more pressure is used there is a firmer more precise gearchange present, there is less “Slip” meaning less heat produced ultimatly improving the lifespan of the dsg gearbox even with large power apllications.

Gearbox Responce

Increased reaction times when in ALL modes most noticably in sport mode where upto 40% quicker change will be seen. This again all relates back to the ncrease “bite” of the clutch. With the “preload” already set above stock the gearbox is anticipating when your going to change gear this results in much much quicker shit times.

Rev Limiter

Increasing the gearbox shift points IE the upper RPM limit allows for more TOP end power, more horsepower and a higher top speed.