Hybrid Turbo Conversions

 Super Nova Tuning Hybrid turbo conversions

Why a Super Nova Tuning Hybrid Turbo conversion ? Super Nova have developed and designed packages and conversions for our clients for some time however we are now able to provide a full drive in drive out service normally the work can be completed within 3 days subject to availability we can even provide you with a courtesy vehicle (on request). We have taken many stock cars and transformed them into competition vehicles for instance our PD160 (seat Ibiza) has our fully bespoke setup and is producing 250 BHP with 400 FTLB of torque. To put this in perspective our little diesel powered seat will happily keep alongside the 375 BHP Jaguar F type and our other demo vehicle the Golf R (MK7) all of this for considerably less than the cost of either cars mentioned.

All conversions and builds are fully bespoke to our clients requirements super nova have a fully functional machine shop and full capability’s to create a fully custom setup to your specifications and or requirement’s from road applications to track applications super nova tuning can and will make it possible.

 From £1200 Drive in Drive out service 

Super Nova Hybrid Turbo Conversions packages start from as little as £1200 INC VAT this will include the following

Hybrid Turbo to specified BHP and Torque Requirements

– Upgraded MAP sensor if required

– Upgraded Oil feed line if required

– Gaskets / Flanges

– Bespoke Remap and Setup on our 4WD Dyno


Hybrid Turbo the basics

Fitment of a Larger Turbine Wheel

The Fitment of a Larger Turbine Wheel is, in theory, much the same as the Fitment of a Larger Compressor Wheel it allows the turbocharger to increase the airflow resulting in an increase in power (with the correct modifications and mapping). It does this in two different ways. Firstly, the larger turbine wheel can drive the compressor wheel harder resulting in more airflow, and with more airflow equals more power potential. Secondly, the larger wheel reduces backpressure within both the turbine housing and manifold in much the same way as a Cutback would when applied. This reduction in backpressure If you want to find out more regarding fitment of a larger turbine wheel or some of the following upgrades we offer, do not hesitate to ask, email or call us today.

Re-Profiled Turbine Housing

Machining of the Turbine Housing allows a larger turbine wheel to be fitted which can be an important part of the hybrid process. The bore of the housing is enlarged to accommodate the new, larger turbine wheel and the profile is reshaped to match. This is all on-going while we are maintaining a strict tolerance between wheel and housing to optimise efficiency for your turbo.

Turbine Wheel Cutback

Turbine Wheel Cutback is one of many machining process which is carried out in our machine shop. A turbine wheel cutback enables the turbo to increase its power output by reducing back pressure. This process however does remove some blade material from the turbine wheel which can, in some instances, result in a slight reduction in turbocharger response.

Porting & Polishing Turbine Housing

Porting and polishing the Turbine Housing helps provide maximum gas flow, thus improving efficiency. It is often and most likely to be carried out on the turbine housing inlet but it may also possible to carry this out to the wastegate if your vehicle is experiencing ‘boost creep’. Flanges can also be gasket-matched if required to optimise flow.
Ball Bearing Turbo Upgrades

Turbo Ball Bearing UpgradeBall Bearing Conversion

A Ball Bearing Conversion drastically improves response of the turbo whilst also, potentially, making it more reliable – this is especially so in a high stress environment such as motorsport. This is done by replacing the traditional thrust bearing and journal bearing assembly with a dual ball bearing cartridge assembly. The dual ball bearing cartridge has significantly less frictional drag which in simple terms, translates to improved response for the driver! We don’t think we can find anyone who disagrees with having full boost 500 to 1000 rpm kick in sooner, can you?

Bronze Ball Bearing Carriers

Our Bronze Ball Bearing Carriers, which directly replaces the original phenolic resin carrier, were designed in-house and originally created for use in higher temperature environments where reliability becomes increasingly crucial, just like in motorsport. They are now however available as an upgrade option on all Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Turbos and Core Assemblies. This has become very popular with customers simply for peace of mind or for a faster road or race application.

Ceramic Ball Bearings

One of our most recent upgrades. The introduction of ceramic ball bearings as opposed to the usual stainless steel items is something we originally introduced for motorsport customers but it has now begun to feed itself down the product range. In the same way as the Bronze Ball Bearing Carriers (see above) were designed as a reliability improvement over the standard items the ceramic ball bearing upgrade can be fitted to further improve reliability. Ceramic Ball Bearings are now available alongside the Bronze Ball Bearing Carrier upgrade on all Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Turbos and Core Assemblies.

For further information or to talk to us regarding a hybrid turbo conversion please feel free to call ,email or start a live chat on our web site.