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Launch Control

Launch control come is two forms HARD, SOFT both will be described below. So what is launch control and why use it,

Launch control is an electronic aid to assist drivers of both racing and street cars to accelerate from a standing start.

Common vehicles that use launch control include the BMW M series, some VAG models (most notably the Veyron), and Porsche with its (sport++ mode), Panamera Turbo, and certain General Motors products. Mitsubishi also incorporated launch control into their Twin Clutch SST gearbox, on its “S-Sport” mode, but the mode is only available in the Evolution X MR and MR Touring (USDM) and the Nissan GT-R.

A good start/launch is key to achievement in any competition level racing. Disposing of wheel spin .The capacity to laucnch reliably and in a controlled manner, key to accomplishment in any level of racing “the best start results in the best finish” as the old saying goes. Refined launch control frameworks at different RPM will yeild very diferent results this depends upon the driver and vehicle modifications.

Launch control (some of the time known as a stutterbox or 2 stage rev limiter) are reasonably basic, yet viable in guaranteeing predictable solid dispatches at the track, even on the steets. The client characterizes a “dispatch rpm” that, when launch control is enacted, the vehicle limit to a preset rpm. This permits the driver to hold the vehicle at full throttle while keeping up a suitable RPM for dispatch. Turbocharged vehicles see an extra profit in the capacity to build boost to support the launch before the vehicle leaves the line. These competencies lead to smoother, steady and solid dispatches with greatest force from the minute you leave the line. This will help bring down your 0-60 times and/or help you be the first into the corner.

Super Nova provide development for Launch Control on both Petrol and Diesel applications we also can provide torque limitation to control wheel spin either based on RPM or based on gear selection if applicable, Please do note launch control is NOT available for all ecu types and or manufacture types. Development for launch control on stock ECU’s is experimental and may not on some types of engine management be able to be switched off there for all launch control software is used at the owners own risk super nova tuning LTD cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the misuse of launch control and its functions

Super Nova Tuning have an ever growing list of launch control software and can custom make if not yet avalible.