Remapping FAQ’s

For more information or if your query is not listed please get in touch we will be able to quid you on the best possible route for you and your vehicle. You can contact us via our online form.

Remapping FAQ

Super Nova Specialise in bespoke engine management software. This is our core business that originated from our motorsport background.

Although we develop fully custom software we are able to provide staged maps if required. Normally requested stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 stage 4 is always recommended as a custom remap due to performance and drivability.

DPF Removal is available for OFF ROAD use. We do provide a DPF modification service that complies with new legislation as off feb 2014. What is a DPF DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a filter fitted to the exhaust system that is very similar to a catalytic converter . It is designed to remove soot and other particulate matter, the objective is to produce cleaner exhaust gases. What exactly is involved in DPF removal? In most cases DPF removal is possible by removing the contents of the DPF housing and then re-fitting the Filter to the vehicle. To complete the procedure, specialist computer equipment is plugged into the vehicle’s ECU for final adjustments What are the benefits of DPF removal? There are many benefits of DPF removal from your vehicle, including more horse power, quicker throttle response and lower fuel consumption. It also creates peace of mind having eliminated the high cost of replacing the unit when its life has expired, not to mention the problems and other repair costs keeping a DPF on a vehicle can bring. How long does it take? This can take anything from two to six hours, depending on the make and model of the vehicle, and would need the vehicle to be at our premises for this procedure. All our DPF removal software comes with a lifetime guarantee

EGR Removal is common amongst diesel owners seeking more power and or Economy. The EGR system is prone to failure is high powered applications and has a limited life in standard factory vehicles.

Remapping Process FAQ

Reading ECU is very straight forward, the read time can vary from 2 minutes to 3 hours this will depend on the tool used and the method used. OBD compatible vehicles can simply be "plugged in" and data extracted then written. TRICORE protected ECU will normally need to be removed and programmed directly in the ECU Bench, Dependant on the location of the ECU some TRICORE tuning can take up to 4 hours to complete

Our development process is simple, first we build a base map and apply to the vehicle, The vehicle is then logged under load to ensure actual and target figures are made. The we re evaluate the software and either add or remove changes made and re test. This process will cycle until the satisfactory results are reached.

The ECU writing process is very similar to the read process. The DATA is writtern back to the ECU in "blocks" ie code block 00er3 will represent a boost map. There are often hundreds of block address to write back on every ECU.

Remap Warranty

Our extensive ECU coverage is standard with every remap unless stated otherwise. If your ECU becomes damaged or corrupt due to a super nova tuning product we will seek a third party to analyse the root cause of this issue.

If any part is damaged as a direct result of super nova tuning software we will cover the cost if proven that the software is the item at fault.

Remap Testing

Rolling Road and Dyno runs are charged at £80 per hour normally this will be enough time for 1 pre run and 1 after run.

Live data can be produced via a number of sources dependant on what factor or factors require analysis.

Data logging is designed to log specific parameters of engine sensors that dictate potential performance issues.