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 Power Testing 

  Super Nova Tuning believe in results and are always willing to prove power gains quoted on software of course our gains are estimated as you can never 100% predict vehicle losses regardless of any calculation formula. All remaps are unless stated otherwise are fully bespoke and developed on a one off basis. Super Nova provide testing for motorsport and road applications using GPS, Rolling Road, Engine DYNO or fixed HUB Dyno. It is advised to book appointments in advance due to almost constant use of all facility’s. For more information or to make a booking please call our head office based in Norwich Norfolk for more information or contact us using our online form for more information regarding Rolling Road / Dyno Testing.

GPS Dyno testing is one of the most accurate "True" power measurements. Power / Torque is measured at the wheels in realtime no simulations. We can also measure 1/4 mile, 0-60 and sector times.

Rolling Road for testing power and development, The dyno is used to measure and develop maps with upto 2400 BHP of measurable power we can test many applications. 2WD and 4WD dyno run available.

The HUB dyno is very similar to to rolling road however it is more suited to diesel high torque applications. The hub dyno is fixed to the hub of the vehicle therefore there is no loss or slip between the vehicle and the dyno.

The Engine dyno is a rather specialists piece of kit, with the engine removed from the vehicle we are able to measure the power from the engine with no powertrain connected.