Speed Limiter

Speed Limiters

Application and Removal

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Speed Limiter

Speed Limiter Removal

Super Nova have the ability to remove the speed limiter from many makes,models and ECU variations. Speed limiter removal should be used in accordance with the law. From Mercedes, BMW, Porsche to Peugeot we can removal 90% of factory limited ECU’s.

Speed Limiter Application  

Applying at speed limiter can be done simply my limiting the vehicles speed however many vehicles do not allow this. Super Nova have a REV limiting solution to limit the overall speed of the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption. Many business operators seek speed limiters to ensure drivers are NOT speeding. Super Nova work with many industry’s and business sectors to improve fuel consumption and apply speed limiters.


The software can be applied by super nova tuning at one of our sites or we can supply speed limiting software to trade clients. For more information please feel free to get in touch by phone or email.